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Welcome to the Sassy Turtle

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The Sassy Turtle
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Welcome to the Sassy Turtle! Here you'll find all kinds of icons and other sparkly nuggets of pixel goodness. I don't have any specific fandoms and I go through phases so for a good idea of what I make, check out the tags. My rules are simple and few so please follow them and we'll get along nicely.

>> There is no need to "join" or "watch" this community but you are welcome to do so. Anyone is welcome to anything I share here.
>> Credit is appreciated and it's useful for those who want to find me but it's not required. I won't hunt you down and harass you if you don't credit. I've got better things to do frankly.
>> Comments are much loved. It helps me immensely to know what you like.
>> Please don't hotlink. I don't want all my images to go bye-bye.
>> Enjoy and be excellent to each other! ♥

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